Living Intentionally

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How can we live intentionally? There is so much noise in our world that makes intentionality more difficult than ever. There’s the noise of busyness, the noise of social media, the noise of worry and fear, the noise of comparison, the noise of apathy. I know I personally struggle with most of those. The noises of worry and comparison are probably the loudest for me right now, but I think we all get distracted by all of them at different times in our lives.

Worry gets in the way of intentionality really the same way as all of them; it distracts. I never used to be a worrier, I never struggled with anxiety. And then I became a mom. The worry started off slowly for me though. I was a pretty calm first-time mom. It helped that Isaac was a super calm first-born, too. But as he got older, as we added a second baby in the mix, as I started to feel the weight of the responsibility of being a mom, worry and anxiety began to creep in. To say that the 3 miscarriages that followed did nothing to help my worrying would be an understatement.

Now our oldest two kids are even older, 5 and almost 7, and the worry can honestly be downright deafening sometimes. Worry that we’re not doing the best for them, worry that we’re not setting them up for spiritual success, that we’re not setting them up for future worldly success, worry that I’m bad at homeschooling, worry that they’re not in enough activities, worry that they’re in too many activities, worry that we’re going to somehow mess them up and years from now they’ll be in therapy talking about how their parents are the root cause of all of their issues. I know I’m not the only parent that has gone down that rabbit hole.

Image created using You Version Bible App

Image created using You Version Bible App

As that gets louder it is absolutely vital that I turn up the volume of God’s voice reminding me of His presence and His promises. “Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). But unfortunately, the louder that noise gets the harder it is to hear His voice. That’s when being intentional is the most important. The louder our distractions get the more necessary being intentional becomes.

Intentionality requires forethought. We have to think ahead and decide what we are, or are not, going to do that day or in that situation. If you’re like me, it can be a little overwhelming if you’ve gotten into the habit of living reactively versus proactively. So I’m challenging myself and you to pick 3 things that you can be intentional about over the next 7 days. For me I’m going to focus on being intentional with meal planning (it’s so much easier to eat healthy when you have meals planned out in advance!), not overreacting when the kids are driving me a little crazy, and I’m going to be intentional about not comparing myself to others and being content with where I’m at now. What are you going to work on being intentional about?

I can’t change yesterday, I won't worry about tomorrow, but I can do my best TODAY.


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