Who we are

Hi there! We’re Aaron and Emi, the creators of the The Floral Wreath Blog. Welcome to our website! We hope you find it welcoming, encouraging, and helpful. We created this blog to be a place for families and individuals that want real life tips and encouragement for the every day. We’re passionate about Jesus, our marriage, our kids, home design, traveling, and baking, and we’d like to share our passions with you! 

But first, you’d probably like to know a little about who we are. Aaron and I have been married since 2011 and we have 3 littles; a 6 year old son, 5 year old daughter, and 2 year old daughter. They’re awesome and crazy and always an adventure. We love each other deeply, and family time is super important to us. We homeschool, so Emi stays home with the kids, and Aaron gets up crazy early every morning to get to work (he's a laser engraver) so he can be home around 4 every day to have family time. 

So, why “The Floral Wreath?” Because floral wreaths take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Doors are typically kind of boring, but placing a wreath on one instantly transforms it into a beautiful and bold statement. We believe life is like that too. Life is full of the ordinary, but with family, friends, and God at the center of it, our lives become so much more. This blog is all about turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, whether they’re moments building your marriage with your spouse, or teaching your kids how to not lick gross stuff; moments transforming your kitchen into a work of art; or making the most delicious (and natural) pumpkin cheesecake for your Thanksgiving gathering. We hope to help make your day extraordinary, with encouragement, ideas, tips, and honesty.


Our home

We bought our first home at the very start of January 2015. Since then, we've upgraded and updated just about everything, most of which we (i.e, Aaron), does himself. He's tiled a kitchen backsplash, designed and installed our backyard landscaping (including doing the sprinkler system himself!), painted every room, added a second driveway pad, planted a garden in a homemade raised garden box, installed cabinets in our laundry room...He's pretty much a rockstar in home remodeling and design. Our home is beautiful, and no detail has been overlooked. It is, however, a bit on the small side for us now, but that's a topic for a different day.  


our marriage

Having a strong marriage is absolutely vital to us. From the day we married we both made a commitment to make our marriage a top priority, because we know that if your marriage is strong, your family will be stronger, your life will be stronger. Not without any problems, but when you're united with your spouse, life's curveballs are easier to manage. Cliche though it might be, we truly are each other's best friend, and our love isn't just deep, but our friendship is as well. We both love each other more today than we ever have before. We are far from perfect, but as 1 Peter 4:8 says, "Love covers a multitude of sins."


Our parenting

 Thankfully God's grace is sufficient, because parenting is HARD y'all. Like probably the hardest, and also most important, things we'll do in this life. Children are an incredible blessing, but a blessing that comes with a lot of poop, tantrums, sleepless nights, and did I mention poop? Because you will deal with so.much.poop as a parent. For how little kids eat, the amount of poop they produce on a daily basis is just insane. But anyway. As crazy as our kids can be, and as crazy as they can sometimes make us, we wouldn't trade them for anything. We aren't perfect, so neither are our kids. But we've all got stuff, and our stuff makes us who we are and who God wants us to be. We found out we were pregnant with Isaac three months into our marriage, he was born just under a month before our first anniversary. He is super smart and funny and kind and helpful and obsessed with all things Lego. He's also allergic to dairy, super intolerant to food dyes, tomatoes, grapes, apricots and a few other things, and is working on controlling his temper (but aren't we all?). Kaiya was born when Isaac was 17 months old, so now that they're both a little older they're like an old married couple. Kaiya is so smart and girly and funny and empathetic and beautiful and has a servant's heart and loves Full House. She's currently working on controlling her sometimes teenage-level emotions (but aren't we all?). Grace is also very smart and funny and loving and joyful and loves to dance and sing. She's also incredibly strong willed and throws Oscar-worthy tantrums, which we're currently working on (but aren't we all?). That's a tiny overview of who our amazing kids are. Kids are the purest form of human nature, in the most beautiful ways and the most unfortunate ways. What a privilege to be tasked with helping them grow into loving, kind, God-honoring adults.